HireRight Launches New Background Screening Analytics Solution

HireRight Insights provides interactive dashboards to help businesses optimize their screening programs

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- HireRight Holdings Corporation (NYSE: HRT), a leading provider of global background screening services and workforce solutions, today announced the launch of its new background screening analytics solution, HireRight Insights. Through its modern data visualization and reporting tools, HireRight Insights provides users with actionable insights into their company’s screening activity to help them optimize program performance, monitor program health, and diagnose potential warning signs.

HireRight’s 2023 Global Benchmark Report – based on more than 2,000 survey responses from human resource, risk, and talent acquisition professionals earlier this year – found that 27% of global respondents expect applying analytics to recruiting to be a major challenge between 2024-2026, and 28% reported understaffing in their HR/recruitment teams last year. HireRight Insights can help businesses directly address these challenges, driving productivity by replacing manual – and often time-consuming – data analysis with intuitive analytics dashboards and rich data visualizations, providing presentation-ready graphs and charts at the users’ fingertips.

“HireRight Insights is a powerful analytics solution that empowers customers to better understand the effectiveness of their background screening program,” said Jim Daxner, Chief Digital Officer at HireRight. “It offers businesses a simple, cost-effective way to manage their screening program reporting needs, saving time and internal resources by reducing the administrative burden of manually creating reports and enabling users to focus on tracking key metrics against their business goals.”

HireRight Insights can help tell the story of a customer’s background screening program, with analytics dashboards presenting a program overview, turnaround time, adjudication status, and orders in progress. Additionally, customers can use several filters, including region, country, package, and date, to further refine their results.

To find out more, visit www.hireright.com/services/hireright-insights.

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HireRight is a leading global provider of technology-driven workforce risk management and compliance solutions. We provide comprehensive background screening, verification, identification, monitoring, and drug and health screening services for approximately 38,000 customers across the globe. We offer our services via a unified global software and data platform that tightly integrates into our customers’ human capital management systems enabling highly effective and efficient workflows for workforce hiring, onboarding, and monitoring. In 2022, we screened over 24 million job applicants, employees and contractors for our customers and processed over 107 million screens. For more information, visit www.HireRight.com

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